About Us


…………………………. A prestigous honor we owe largely to our existing clients as well as to our future clients, whom are a great asset to our firms success.


Four Star Insurance was founded in 1999.  We are an independant insurance brokerage, serving all areas of the San Fernando Valley and many other locations, throughout the state of California.  We specialize in all your California insurance needs from, auto, home, commercial, condos, renters, fire, personal, boats, RV’s, motorcycles,  and we also offer coverage for special events (entertainment) on a one day basis.  Four star Insurance is a firm with highly skilled specialists, and they only represent A+ insurance companys to their clients.

PAUL BALDOMINO      I am Paul Baldomino, the founder of, Four Star Insurance……………….  When I was younger my family and I lived in Texas, things were extremely tough for me out there, I was an agricultural worker, working very hard and many hours in the pitch black darkness of the night to support my family, I worked alone and had plenty of time to think of many things, I repeatedly envisioned myself moving to California and starting my own business, it would certainly be a business where I would be able to help the public in one form or another. In the late 70’s , my family and I moved out to California, I first started working as a car salesman and there I obtained many valuable skills, along that path  I also met a friend that really inspired and motivated me into starting a busness together , and that is just what we did, I was very excited about this, we worked together for a while then he gave me some bad news, he wanted to move on to something else, I was not too happy about this , but I continued  the business on my own and its been almost 18 years know and  I am very proud to say that , Four Star Insurance is still operating.


Four Star Insurance continues to expand greatly and can ensure their business clients are advantaged by their top rated services.  Our mission at , Four Star Insurance is to continue the passion and enthusiasm in assisting the public to obtain insurance coverage needed at the lowest price possible.


Success in a business requires training, discipline and hard work. But if your not frightened by these things the opportunies are just as great today as they ever were…….. By David Rockefeller.